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Paula Vielman-Reeves

Paula Vielman-Reeves achieved her Juris Doctorate from Golden Gate University Law School in 2012, ranking among the top 4% of her class. Her academic excellence was recognized with numerous accolades, including a Litigation Specialization Certificate, and top honors in Criminal Law, Civil Procedure, and Community Property.

Throughout her law school journey, Paula immersed herself in practical experiences, interning at the Family Law Violence Center where she aided victims in obtaining Domestic Violence Restraining Orders and crafted safety plans. Following this, she interned at the San Francisco and San Mateo District Attorney’s offices before assuming the role of Deputy District Attorney for the County of San Mateo in 2013.

During her tenure as a prosecutor, Paula exhibited her trial acumen by taking over 20 cases to jury trial and conducting hundreds of evidentiary hearings. Her dedication to seeking justice for victims, particularly survivors of intimate partner violence, remained unwavering. She prosecuted a multitude of domestic violence cases, spanning misdemeanor to felony levels, advocating fervently for those affected.

Transitioning to civil litigation, Paula expanded her practice to cater to all survivors of intimate partner violence, including victims of sexual assault. Committed to education, she pioneered a training program for law enforcement officers, enlightening them on the nuances of domestic violence cases and enhancing investigation and reporting techniques for stronger prosecutions. She also served as an instructor at the police academy, imparting knowledge on evidence and report writing.

Paula’s passion for education extends beyond law enforcement. Additionally, she mentors and trains fellow attorneys on litigation skills, courtroom presentation, and rules of evidence. Notably, she assumed the role of Adjunct Professor at Golden Gate University School of Law, teaching trial advocacy courses, including Advanced Trial Advocacy and Motions in Limine.

Compassionate and skilled, Paula comprehends the profound impact of trauma and the cycle of violence on victims of intimate partner violence. At ADZ Law, she channels her expertise and empathy to aid survivors in reclaiming their power, breaking free from the cycle of violence, and holding perpetrators accountable.

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