prop d creates Office of Victim and Witness Rights in san francisco

Passage of Prop. D a Win for Domestic Violence Victims In San Francisco

One of the most important ballot measures passed during San Francisco’s recent election has an unassuming name: Proposition D. Despite its generic title, Prop. D is a critical measure that will have significant positive impacts on vulnerable po… Read More
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Categories: Domestic Violence
Photo of woman with box cut out over her mouth.

ADZ Law Will Vigorously Defend a Survivor’s Right to Tell Their Truth

In the wake of the Johnny Depp and Amber Heard verdict, victims’ attorneys are reeling at the departure from an actual civilized legal process based in law. The circus of the trial turned the law into entertainment, was fodder for public humiliatio… Read More
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Appeals in Family Law Cases

Appeals in Family Law Cases

Sometimes, judges make mistakes and get the law wrong. Other times, your divorce or custody case may present a unique issue that attorneys and judges haven’t addressed before. When these things happen, it can result in appeals in family law cases.… Read More
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When I got up this morning and scrolled through my social media feed, I saw multiple headlines about the Kanye West (now “Ye”) and Kim Kardashian breakup. I normally would scroll past Hollywood clickbait articles but these headlines set off alarm… Read More
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5 Tips for Helping Children Cope with the Divorce Process

Children can take the news of a divorce hard. When parents separate, the adults know why, but communicating those reasons and the divorce process to kids in an age-appropriate way can be hard. Here are some tips for helping children cope with the div… Read More
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Categories: Divorce, Family Law
Marsy’s Law, How Can I Assert My Victims’ Rights

What is Marsy’s Law, and How Can I Assert My Victims’ Rights?

After you have been the victim of a crime, especially one that is violent or sexual in nature, many people feel vulnerable. You might feel like you don’t have any control over what happens next. But California’s Victims’ Bill of Rights, also ca… Read More
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Categories: Victim Advocacy

in the California Court of Appeal

Berkeley Law Magazine recently published an article, ‘A Great Example of What Our Community, and the Rule of Law, Can Accomplish’, written by Andrew Cohen. ADZ Law Of Counsel, Mallika Kaur, and Professor Andrew Bradt are featured as colla… Read More
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Parenting time holiday schedule

Child Custody: What is the Standard Holiday Visitation Schedule in California?

As a parent, you want every holiday to be a special memory for your child. But after you and your co-parent have separated or divorced, expectations, hard feelings, and demands by extended family can sometimes overshadow what’s best for your child.… Read More
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Categories: Family Law
Men standing on stacks of coins.

Trevor Bauer Case Spotlights Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault of Victims of the Wealthy

This summer a California court temporarily entered a restraining order against Major League Baseball’s Trevor Bauer, a pitcher for the Dodgers. The allegations of domestic violence and sexual assault against a sports celebrity, and the way the loca… Read More
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ADZ Law Case Makes Legal Precedent: A Visitor Who Perpetrates Domestic Violence In California May Be Civilly Tried In California

In a victory for survivors of domestic violence and sexual assault who were harmed while visiting California, an ADZ Law client won her appeal in a case certified for publication. The case, Doe v. Damron (2021) ­­­__Cal.Rptr.3d__, 2021 WL 4891856,… Read More
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