Practice Areas

ADZ Law, LLP is a unique family law and civil litigation firm serving families and individuals in San Francisco, San Mateo, and Santa Clara Counties. The firm is focused on the complex legal needs of families starting or ending a relationship, developing parenting plans, dividing family assets and debts, and seeking orders of protection.

The experienced litigation attorneys at ADZ Law, LLP have a special commitment to meeting the legal needs of victims of crimes like domestic violence, sexual assault, human trafficking and other similar crimes. Whether these crimes are committed in the context of an intimate or family relationship, or by strangers or acquaintances, we take action to protect our clients’ safety, connect them to resources necessary for them to heal, and pursue claims against perpetrators to hold them accountable for their crimes.

Our attorneys are culturally competent to address the needs of a diverse client population and welcome all clients regardless of race, religion, sexual orientation, gender identity, language, disability, and national origin.

ADZ Law, LLP offers a range of services including advice only, limited scope services, full representation, and mediation. The firm represents clients in San Mateo County and the San Francisco Bay area of California. We invite you to contact ADZ Law, LLP to schedule a consultation to learn more about our practice areas, our team, and how we can help you.

Appeals in Family Court

Sometimes, judges make mistakes and get the law wrong. Other times, your divorce or custody case may present a unique issue that attorneys and judges have not addressed before. When these things happen, it can result in appeals in family

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Family Law

When two people get married, the law automatically creates legal rights and duties each spouse owes to the other. Thankfully, most of those rights and duties can be modified by contract. Those couples who are happily partnered and choose not to marry can contract to provide only those rights and duties they choose. For couples who are newly engaged, already married, or happily partnered with no plans to marry, the attorneys at ADZ Law, LLP can here help them create the legal framework for the partnership they want.

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Domestic Violence

The domestic violence practice at ADZ Law, LLP is holistic and designed to empower our clients. Our attorneys educate their clients and offer them options to allow them enjoy their basic human right of living free from abuse. Disentangling from

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Sexual Assault

Our firm understands the deep complexities involved with sexual assault crimes.  We use our trauma informed methodology in everything we do – from intake, investigation, court preparation, and all steps in between.  Our approach is survivor centered coupled with fierce

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Mediation is a means of resolving issues in a non-adversarial way. In mediation, parties have the opportunity to negotiate their own settlement rather than have one imposed on them by the court or their lawyers. In the mediation process, parties

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Private Judging

ADZ Law is proud to announce that retired San Mateo County Superior Court Commissioner and founding partner Lauren Zorfas has returned to ADZ Law as a private judge, expanding our services in that regard. Commissioner Zorfas’ unparalleled depth of experience

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Minor’s Counsel

In most California child custody cases, minors rarely testify in court or speak to the judge directly. Because of this fact, the court may appoint minor’s counsel to interview the child about their concerns and their custodial preference. Minor’s counsel is a

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Victims of Crimes

Regardless of whether there is a criminal prosecution, and irrespective of the outcome, victims of crime can file civil lawsuits against their offender and other responsible parties. Unlike the criminal process, the civil process is initiated by the victim, and seeks to provide restitution to the victim to compensate for actual damages as well as pain and suffering. While money damages can never fully compensate a victim for the trauma he or she suffered, it can be a valuable resource to help survivors rebuild their lives.

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