Mediation is a means of resolving issues in a non-adversarial way. In mediation, parties have the opportunity to negotiate their own settlement rather than have one imposed on them by the court or their lawyers. In the mediation process, parties are not bound by what the law would provide them; their own objectives and views of fairness may determine their settlement.

Too often a dispute is viewed as a win-or-lose proposition. Successful mediation involves compromise and accommodation of both parties’ interests. The process of mediation is mutual; parties should come out of it with a settlement that is acceptable to both of them and determined by both of them. Mediation is entirely a voluntary process and parties may end it if they believe it does not serve their interests.


At ADZ Law, LLP, our mediation style suits the parties. We employ techniques used in the evaluative, facilitative and transformative styles. Because much of the conflict in family law is deeply rooted in emotions, especially when children are involved, reframing issues and using metaphors can assist parties in stepping back and reducing conflict.

Our attorneys have found that longer lasting agreements come not from an objective standard of fairness, but rather by addressing the emotions of the parties and the meaning that is attached to the positions they are holding. Based on extensive training, mediation at ADZ Law, LLP employs different techniques in order to facilitate the most successful process and outcome.

Mediation often saves resources, time, money and energy. With mediation parties are more involved and in control and can better preserve relationships. Attorneys at ADZ Law, LLP can act as a mediator, represent one party in a mediation, or review a mediated agreement.

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