ADZ Law, LLP Sexual Assault Law Suit Against Uber In The News

ADZ Law, LLP attorneys are pursuing a civil lawsuit against Uber for the lewd and egregious conduct by one of its drivers toward a minor passenger. One of the founding principals of our law firm is to hold individuals accountable for their treatment of women. This includes pursuing action directed at addressing the ingrained notions of sexism in our society as a whole.  This law suit is aimed at attacking the entitlement by those who use their power to sexually intimidate, control, and harass those they value less. 

The causes of action in this law suit include assault, false imprisonment, intentional infliction of emotional distress and gender discrimination. The suit also includes causes of action against Uber for negligent hiring and retention and fraud based upon their proactive advertising that they are a safe alternative to driving, all the while not adequately screening or training their drivers. Uber’s egregious actions in this case are compounded by how they handled the report of lewd conduct by one of their drivers in cancelling the complainant’s account when she reported the conduct.

ADZ Law, LLP hopes to give a voice to those who have been silenced by the sexually oppressive behavior of others that is so often condoned in our society. As this law suit addresses, this tacit approval can take the form of both direct action as well as bystander inaction or indifference.