I never worked outside the home. How will I survive if I get divorced?

The law recognizes that your work inside the home adds value to the marriage. For this reason, the income earned from working outside the home is distributed to both parties upon separation. The court has the power to order your spouse to pay money each month to meet your financial needs. This is called “spousal support” for married couples, and “partner support” in domestic partnerships. Some people refer to it as “alimony.” It can be a simple process if the person who worked outside the home is an employee and receives a straightforward salary. It can be more complex and even require a trial if the source of income is from a personal business, stock options, bonuses, etc.

The factors the court considers when making a support order are listed in California Family Code section 4320. It takes into account the marital standard of living, among other things. Normally, you can receive support for half the length of the marriage for a marriage lasting less than 10 years. For a marriage lasting more than 10 years, there is no such limit, though the statutory goal is that the supported party should become self-supporting within a reasonable period of time. The lawyers at ADZ Law, LLP can help you quickly obtain the most favorable order.

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